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Battery indicator faulty?


I have a trekstore surftab ventos 10.1' with an issue with the battery.

I can use the device with or without charger plugged in.

The indicator of the battery drop fast to 0% after charging ( usually 30 - 45 minutes)

( even if I'm not using it, but not so fast )

and the tablet turn off but I can turn it back on without plugging the charger and it shows something between 20% and 55 % left.

It happens many times at every charge, it's like the indicator can't tell there is still a lot of energy left.

I already tried to restore to manufacturer many times-

Thanks in advace for response.

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It's most likely a bad battery. A classic "bad battery" will have your device powering off with 20% or so of your battery left because the device has a hard time accurately reading the battery, or the battery may actually have juice left but there is a malfunction that causes it to think there is none and powers off.

if it is more than two years old this is pretty common for a battery. I can't seem to find any info on it on iFixit, but a quick Google search found this video (not related to iFixit):

You can also search around online for someone selling batteries for this thing if you are brave enough to try to fix it. But if the parts and risks are almost the value of buying a new one, you may consider that if the battery is very expensive.

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You are right, I measured the voltage of the battery and is not steady. it drops when the charger is not plugged.

Thank you.


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