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JBL Flip 4 portable speaker. IPX7 waterproof bluetooth dual driver speaker that won the CES Innovation Award 2017.

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Water inside of speaker

Hello! Today i bought JBL Flip 4 and i tested with water at passive radiator... when i poured water on passive radiator the water has been outside from the next radiator.... is this a problem for my speaker?? Water will ruin the motherboard or other parts of the speaker? But i see some water on power button and connect + button..... but this speaker is IPX7 Waterproof... is this a problem???

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I put mine inside the pool and now it doesn't charge! How can I get it fix?


my camo flip 4 got water damaged because for some reason water seeped in on the passive radiator but I did buy a new one and this time water did not seep in the radiator


Mother board not working


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Mines does the same thing, think JBL designed it to do that. Doesn’t seem to do the speaker harm. Mines still works after dunking it under and splashing it with a hose.

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Yeah but on power button and JBL Connect + button i see some water inside of it but my speaker works perfectly fine


Yeah same man, my speaker has water under both buttons. Still seems to work.


Yeah bro but it isn't a problem, right? It's about the design of waterproofing?


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