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Guides for coffee maker from the manufacturer Jura.

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Re-assembled Jura Impressa F50 - Loud Noise at end of cycle

I replaced the drainage valve in my Jura F50 machine and it now makes coffee :)

Unfortunately it also make a very loud noise as if something is stuck at the end of the coffee making cycle. Its almost certainly something I have done wrong in re-assemble but everything seems to work (Coffee good, coffee grind where it should be and no obvious leaks etc.) Any ideas on what this might be?

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The problem actually seems to be worst when a clean is done after switching the machine off. The loud noise goes on for some time and the machine resets rather than turning off (Next attempt to power it off immediately powers it down)


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Feeling kinda foolish now. All I had to do was let it complete one cycle without the coffee grind bin in place (Tray in but collection bin out). Must have been out of position but now its ok.

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