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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 4—model A1538. Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 is the successor to the iPad Mini 3.

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Can someone identify this component

Hi can anyone help identify the component which should be located in this photo circled in red , it was missing and the small component next to it was off its pads looks like pry damage to me .

It is near the short connector which go's to the display.

zxw tools doesn't seem to be much help with this board ..

Board is 820--00180-B .

Block Image

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Hey, were you able to resolve the issue? Was it a bad screen? Was it the Tristar Chip?? I’m having power issues with mine




Hi , no this one went into the box of spare parts ..


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I just checked a mini 4 board I have on the bench. This is a 100K / 01005 resistor acting as a pull-down. This is similar to the circuitry on the iPad mini 2 (see R2241 on page 19 of the schematic).

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Thats great , thank you , do you also have the correct orientation of the 1610A3 chip , it looks like this has also been replaced , i want to check it is on correctly .

As when i connected the charging cable i had the apple logo briefly then connect to itunes but back to black screen as soon as cable is removed .

it will not connect to itunes on pc either , so im thinking maybe the tristar chip not fitted properly judging by the pry damage .


If you look at the logic board length wise, with the WiFi Ic to the right, then the dot on Tristar is at the top-right hand corner.


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thanks for your help , just to be certain , this is correct ? .

Block Image

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Yes, that's good.


Hi again , ive replaced the chip , still no joy , could you please check your board to see if there should be a component on the pads to the left of the cap just above the chip in the photo ,

From the limited zxw board view it seems there should be .


Very strange symptom when plugged in see video ,

could this be because the screen is smashed ? . The battery is dead flat too.


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