How to take laptop back to factory settings

i have a Toshiba Equium L20 - 197 Laptop serial number X5036405W with Windows XP and want to takeout back to factory settings BUT can only find a restore point not a factory settings

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Have tried the press the 0 keys this doesn't work


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Here's how to do a factory restore:

  • Power down the device.
  • Unplug everything - mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.
  • Make sure the AC adapter is plugged in.
  • Press and hold the zero key while powering on the computer. Keep holding it till you see the recovery warning screen.
  • Pick your OS.
  • Follow the remaining prompts.

The drive will be wiped clean when you do the factory restore. If you don't want to do that, do not proceed.

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This doesn't work Ive tried this and it just continues to open up as normal. :-(


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