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Repair and disassembly guides for Casio electronic keyboards.

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Middle C is louder than all the others...

Hello, I have a Casio WK-3800 keyboard with a problem... I have it set at its default Grand Piano setting with no other options selected. It just plays as a regular piano. No options used. Problem: the MIDDLE C key produces a LOUDER volume than any other key. It's at least twice as loud as any other key. That is the only problem. Do you know of any reason (other than a defective keyboard) that would account for just one key, middle C, to produce a much louder tone than any other key? Do you know how I can resolve this or do you think it's defective and must be fixed? I appreciate your time.



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I had the same problem on my CTK-3500. No matter how you played it, it was like middle C was being played at the highest velocity. This probably isn't helpful, but when I sent it in to their warranty service (which was a bit crap, I'll warn you), they said that it was working fine, but they replaced the logic board anyway. So it's possible that the problem goes away eventually? (Again, not much help, apologies.)


It fixes the loud issue, but the sound seems to change after on all the keys to concert. Also if I switch the piano off, when it's back on it goes back to the loud key again. Any solutions? Thanks


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Someone came up with almost the same problem only a couple of weeks ago. See Problem with yamaha P95 Keyborad

That was on a Yamaha keyboard but it looks like the same answer should be applicable to yours.

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On my Casio Privia there is a function labeled "touch response" (functions are labeled above keys, this particular one is the furthest right function labeled on my keyboard; other models may differ, see your user manual). Press and hold "function" while pressing the affected key (middle C in your case) and choose the "0" under touch response. This fixed it for me.

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I just had fixed the same issue with my Privia PX150 on one of the D key on my keyboard! Thanks so much!!!!!


Perfect solution for my Casio CDP S100


Worked for my Casio AP 250. Took less than 15-20 minutes whereas electronics repair store had a queue of 6 weeks before they could even look at it. Thanks!!!


THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH FOR THIS TIP! My piano is not that old and I was so disappointed when my A key was so loud and thought I did it when I was cleaning my keys with wipes but turns out my student had hit the control buttons above the keys with his long fingers and we didn't think anything of it to be the cause. Yay for you sharing your knowledge!


Perfect answer!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!! It fixed a problem we've had for years and that even made playing the piano an unpleasant practicing experience for my kids or for my wife. It feels like a new beginning!


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