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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Does my iPhone have touch disease?

Hello, I have this question in my mind for so long. Because I don't have any gray or white bars flickering on top of my screen but its unresponsive and when I go the home, it drives me crazy like ghost touch everywhere. Like its touching itself and if I make it sleep and wake it up, I can touch some but goes back again. Its bent also. One day I decided to go in a local phone repair shop and he removed my IPhone's screen and replaced it with a new one for testing only. Flawlessly working and when he attached the original one, ghost touch again. I asked him what's the problem and he said "the screen needs to be replaced and the touch IC don't even need to be repaired and even though its bent, it will not affect the touch IC because it has a little allowance (space) on it". SO NOW I AM SO CONFUSED ON WHAT WILL I DO. WILL I REPLACE THE SCREEN OR REPAIR THE TOUCH IC?! PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM OF MY IPHONE. BENT, GHOST TOUCH, TOUCH WON'T WORK BUT TOUCHES ITSELF AND NO GRAY OR WHITE BARS FLICKERING ON TOP OF THE SCREEN. DOES THIS HAVE A TOUCH DISEASE OR ITS TIME TO REPLACE MY SCREEN OR REPAIR THE TOUCH IC?! Thanks

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I'm just gonna add something, when the guy opened my iPhone, we noticed that the backplate screws that covers the screen's ribbon cables in only 3. not 5. Is that maybe my iPhone's cause of ghoat touch?! Thanks


If he replaced the screen for testing, and it worked, that's just the screen. The IC is a very difficult repair that takes long and requires a ton of patience. This is not your issue. If he replaced the screen and it worked, that's all that needs to be done. He should not even have to touch the IC.


Also ghost touch is cause by digitizer damage (built inside screen). When you damage the digitizer, that's what can happen in many cases including yours. The fix for your phone is only the screen.


Also something to keep in mind is you can get ghost touch without breaking your screen. Your phone is bent, so it can put strain on your screen. So ask if the repair guy can bend your phone back because eventually ghost touch may come back due to straining the new screen.


It's never good to leave the housing bent on the phone.

It could end up having touch IC or stuck on searching issue just because of that down the line.

I pretty much use my hand to bend the frame back into place because the aluminum housing is so easy to bend with the screen off, I always loosen the logic board screws before doing this so it doesn't put too much strain on the phone.

Funnily enough even the touch IC can cause the ghost touch issue so if you still have the same issues after a screen replacement the touch IC is at fault.


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I have had this problem before it turned out to be the touch ic and a crack in logic board . if you pressed down on the logic board it would work fine, it's possible when the screen was replaced with your test by the repair guy simply pressing in plugs that fix it temporarily and not new screen.

Try pressing on logic board see if this fixes if not replace screen.

The 6+ often have bad or broken connection on circuits to ic's caused by bending and flexing ontop of corrosion issues that leads to touch disease.

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