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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Hard brick, no signs of life due to bad flash. Nexus 5x

N5X has been degrading overtime, but for the most part I felt pretty lucky because I didn't boot loop like a lot of others. Yesterday I had the android oreo 8.1.0 update and well... Today it happened wouldn't start at all and it was rebooting endlessly. I left my bootloader unlocked for just this sort of situation, but unfortunately seem to have made things worse for the time being. I tried to use a "4 cores fix" as most people are calling it and there was an error midway though. I figured I'd reboot the bootloader and try again... I didn't get a second chance.

I could pop it open at this point but I'm not sure it would do much good considering software-wise it is (likely) toast.

Currently no signs of life hard brick.

  • nothing with power button
  • nothing from pwr + vol up/dwn
  • no charge animation
  • windows does not recognize it.

Nothing super valuable on the phone besides authenticators and 2FA ... Just a phone I enjoy and would like to get working again if possible. I've repaired a couple phones before with no issue.

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Your phone probably has the boot loop issue which is very common on this model. More info here:

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HAD that boot loop issue. ADB and Fastboot won't work now. That's the article that got me started I believe.


freezing it got me on the right path again.


That pretty much confirms hardware issue with the phone. I would end up getting another phone because it'll just happen again.

Basically the connection of the solder balls under a chip to the logic board become loose / cracked due to a manufacturing defect where the board keeps flexing due to bad design.

When you freeze a phone, the solder balls contract, when you heat it up the solder balls expand.

This is a picture of how a typical BGA chip is held onto a logic board:


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