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iPhone 6s Extreme battery drainage (1% - 1 min)


I got a free iPhone 6s because the screen was totally ripped off

Block Image


I replaced the bottom part (lightning port, mic, aux and so on), the battery and the screen ofc (All cheap parts from eBay). I am now experiencing extreme power drainage and have to charge the phone almost everywhere i go.

What i've already done:

  • Checked the home button and front camera (Disconnecting them and checking)
  • Restored IOS several times
  • Checked all connectors

What i have noticed:

  • It sometimes charges fast
  • The screen tend to get hot in the top area
  • Cpu and chip temps seems fine (32 - 35 degrees C)
  • It drains power even when im not using it

I don't know what to do next.. Hope you can help :)

Edit: **details**

Update (06/26/2018)

I disassembled the phone again after replacing the battery with a new one. I found this on the back of the motherboard (look at the photo). It seems and looks melted of some kind.. Which chip is located here?

BTW.. This is the exact location of the dent in the back!

Block Image

Update (06/26/2018)

Okay so i took off the black sealing covering the chips to see the chips.. It all looks fine irl except the "Apple/Dialog 338S00120 Power Management IC" chip (Borders look weird?) Sorry for bad quality and light :/

Block Image

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Is the top of the screen getting hot or is it right below the rear camera?

It sounds like either front camera assembly may be no good (You can unplug this temporarily to see if it heats up still) or a screen taking up too much power for powering the backlight on the screen.

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Okay.. I tried to disconnect the homebutton and frontfacing camera however the draining still occours. I found out that dimming the screen brightness didnt do anything and that the battery drains even when i'm not using the phone. Any other ideas?


Probably going to need to try a other screen but from a different supplier.

Ones I recommend are from iFixit, mobile defenders, injured gadjets or mobile sentrix.

But before that does the iPhone frame have any dents behind the phone or the frame being noticably bent?


Okay thanks Ben.. it has a dent In the frame in the middel of where the motherboard sits, 0,5 cm higher than the sim tray.


Okay with that dent it's probably something to do with loose or damaged component around that area.

It's going to be more likely an issue with a component short circuiting on the board causing the rapid battery drain.

I think it's best you take the phone to someone that does micro-soldering or board level repairs on iPhones to get it fixed. That way you don't need to buy and try another screen yourself.


Okay thanks Ben :) Last question.. I restarted my phone a couple of times and i noticed that the percentage went up and down. It went from 72% - 33% - 68%. Does this confirm that it's the tristar chip?


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