Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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SSD from 2011 to use in 2012 or 2013 Modell?


My Macbook Pro early 2011 is broken and i dont have a backup from it. Can i use the SSD i have into it to put it in another 2012 or 2013 Macbook pro?

Thanks and cheers


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Here’s a good reference: The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSD’s. Within it you can find your system and then work out which system your systems SSD will work in.

There is one more possibility by using a special case to house your SSD and then plug it into your new system: OWC Envoy Pro

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thanks for your feedback. i need to be more specific. I have replaced the HD to a SSD so its a SATA replacement and 2012/2013 modell for shure i need a version without a internal SSD where i can plugin my SSD. its more a question if that would be working taking my disk out, put it in the new one and get the maschine running again :) My 2011 was working for 7 years now and the logic board has end of life so i need a new replacement. Thanks for the link to the Case solution which would be only a fallback in case i get a 128 GB SSD Mac version


OK, that changes thing greatly! None of the current MacBooks Pro's offer SATA interfaces so you'll need an external SATA drive case to house your 2.5" SSD like this one: OWC Express Silver.

Your other choice is to buy a used MacBook Pro which has the older SATA interface internally. The 2012 MacBook Pro Unibody (13" or 15") are the last ones that you could slide your drive into.


Thanks Dan. Thats what i just like to know if its working with the 13" or 15" 2012. Then i take a 2012 and have even USB 3 for a couple of month until i buy a new one. My replacement 2011 i have right now shuts down always in accu mode and CPU might be the reason 100 degree sometimes. so i give it back and search for a 2012.


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