Ts0S Memory Bank Proximity Sensor error


I have a unibody MBP Mid 2010 which was brick for a long time about the Graphic Card Issue and Kernel Panic and Shutdown (which is very common to this machine)

Recently I came across the info about faulty Capacitor and replaced it with a new one. After 4 years my machine works again ;)

Unfortunately the machine is very slow now although it has 8GB Ram and SSD. After a long research i understood that some sensors were not behaving as expected and sending out -127C as the reading which makes the CPU run at 800Mhz

The mentioned sensors are Th1H Th2H and Ts0S

I found Th1H and Th2H on the board and ordered new parts.

Yet again I could not find where Ts0S is on the logic board. What is this part and how does it work and how to replace it?

Any ideas?

Thank you

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