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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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2002 honda civic lx back run lights, and dash lights aren't working.

They were working the other day I just got the car , 2 days after I got it they stopped working. Need help asap ! Need to be able to drive at night !

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I have this same problem. After installing an aftermarket stereo a couple days later the dash light, tail lights and my running lights stopped working. I still have head lights blinkers and brake lights tho. I've been reading some stuff about it might of been because of the stereo installation. I've already checked all the fuses so I know it's not that.


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Hi @frankennjoe ,

Check that fuses #2 & #9 in the under-hood fuse box are OK

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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