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Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 - No Power - Gets warm after charging - IC Issue?

Hello everyone!

My Samsung Galaxy S6 suddenly stopped working after I left it on the wireless charger for about 6 hours, no sign of life expect when I charge it for a while it gets warm.

I tried every button combination.

After searching the internet I think the issue is the Power IC,

So I'm thinking to repair it by myself (didn't repair any hardware before),

When I wrote on YouTube (Samsung Galaxy S6 power IC) I found many videos.

and When I searched Ebay I found many Power IC with different numbers.

Here is some questions and if you have any advice for me I would be very thankful:

1- Which Power IC I should get from Ebay ?

2- Which video do you think is better to follow it

3- They are using some kind of glue before taking the old Power IC and before putting the new Power IC, Are both glue the same ? and what type of glue it is ?

4- Does it need some kind of Heat Gun or I can buy any Heat Gun ?

and does it need to be on specific temperature.

5- What is the name of the tool that they are using to pick up and removing the Power IC.

6- Do I need any other tools ?

Thank you.

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Did you found the answer am waiting coz I have the exact same problem,

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Unfortunately no.


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Hi, I have the same issue on a phone my friend gave me to repair. Sudden death, no charge, heats up.

I’m looking into repairing it myself just as you are, and I have no prior experience with SMD hot air rework either.

Although I think this is a common issues affecting many S6s (edges as well) no one had the energy to post clear instructions on how to fix this particular problem.

Though I would definitely recommend watching iPad Rehab videos on YouTube:

and more if you search for S6 repair in their channel

They provide a great deal of information and will go through the problem in a clear, logical way (unlike some videos where people just heat up/remove/replace random components.)

I’d recommend to remove the motherboard from the device and power it via USB, then measure how much current it draws and start from there (turn it on and see if anything changes). In a case of short, it will consume power and get hot at the place where the short is occurring (or at least showing its effect). Freezing the board with a compressed gas and then breathing on it is a great technique used to cover the motherboard in a layer of frost that will melt at the area of the short. Clean the board with distilled water or iso alcohol to prevent corrosion.

While I have never done rework myself, there are some wonderful resources online like videos online from sources such as iPad Rehab and Louis Rossmann(!)

Having that said I hope I have helped at least a little bit and I wish you nice and comfy Christmas holiday

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