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Bose's consumer range of active noise-cancelling headphones are called "QuietComfort".

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I hear noise on the left dide

I hade problem in my qc25 - did not hear from left side.

After checking accordig to the web I found that the left speaker had fail (using ohm meter instead of 30 Ohms it was very high resistance somthing lik 2 KOhms)

I ordered new speaker.

After replacing it I can hear the music in both sides but when turn on the noise canceling function there is a noise from left side.

The new left speaker has a resistance of 30.5 ohms. the original on the right side has a resistance of 32.5 ohms.

Itried to switch the left speakers wires and when turn on the noise canceling there were still exist noise on the left side.

Pls. your suggestion what to do.

In case the replacement driver is not the Bose original could this be the reason?


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Hello if you open the flap of cloth covering the speaker you will see a piece of aluminum you need to be very careful and lift the aluminum above the microphone that's in there it's rubbing on the plastic frame causing the distortion. Sound cancelling works by two microphones one on the inside of the ear, and one on the outside of the ear. Any type of rubbing on any microphone will cause distortion. Also you can have a contaminated speaker or ear wax and other mold and stuff has accumulated on the surface of that speaker,you need to take be able to take the whole thing apart and clean the speaker or replace it that's what took care of mine and my wife's, very strange problem it was just constantly crackling and snapping. Even with no input to the headphones.

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I just started having a problem with my left speaker when ANC is turned on, it doesn't play any sound and also has a loud shrieking static sound sometimes. When ANC is turned off, it works just fine, but when it's on it kind of sounds liked it's being turned on and off but doesn't play any sound, maybe randomly it'll work for like a few seconds but then it'll have a loud shrieking static sound. Can you please expand on what it was you did to get your headphones working? Thank you.


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