Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Why is the phone not staying on?


I replaced my battery and is it possible that one of the 4 plastic board connections is not seated properly..I open the phone and I get a full white screen with the Apple logo , but it then closes and in the background it seems like it is still lit but quite dim...It does not go any further but each time I hit my button it lights up bright like it is ready to rock.....

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Ok, so if I am reading this correctly, it starts up with the white background and an apple logo, and its at full brightness, then it goes to your lock screen and the phone gets very faintly lit, almost to the point it's not visible?


Exactly as you explain it to me !


And???? Anything to add?


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If you connect your phone to an iTunes enabled computer, is it recognized? If it is, then the first thing to check, as you suspected, is to see if the screen assembly is properly connected and seated.

However, I suspect you may have damaged the backlight circuit when you replaced the battery. It's important to fully disconnect the battery before removing the screen assembly. You also need to re-connect the battery last. Th way the LCD connector is laid out, the voltage pins are next to ground pins so if the connector is powered and you misalign the connector, they can short causing damage to the logic board.

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That is the first detailed answer I have received...I just opened it up again and removed the 4 soft connections and then snapped them back...I then closed the screen and it again lights up with the Apple logo...Would what you say still allow the screen to light up but not stay on? It is a first edition 6Plus and is getting older but it still was a great phone but I am adamant it is not hopeless..Unless you tell me that I may have did something that renders it hopelessly impossible to fix at this moment unless I get it to a professional Apple fixer...The Apple store simply refuses to look at it....period..

Give me hope, I will try anything...


It happens that the backlight will power on for a brief moment but cannot sustain it for any extended periods of time. This is usually indicative of a partially failed backlight filter although any part of the backlight circuit could be the cause as well. This is usually repairable.

You can check out my profile for more info about what I do.


Should I go through your profile/webpage for assistance? I would like this problem corrected and would like to know how much it would cost? Do you feel you can fix it? Thanks immensely for your input to date....


Check my profile for my contact info...this forum isn't intended for soliciting work :>).


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