LCD replacement compatibility issues

I have been trying to replace the LCD on my SM-G530T1. I have been through 4 lcd's so far, from different vendors, and each shows a back light briefly, then goes black. I let a repair place pop in an original LCD, and it worked great, but the cost was more than a new grand prime. I found my original LCD, and compared them. The model on my original LCD is 98qHD_S6D78A0 REV0.3. All of the replacement $20 lcd's I had gotten, are model SM_G5308H_LCD_FPCB. The PCB is slightly different also, with the repla cement lcd's having an IC on the back, and the original only had more capacitors and a diode in place of the ic. These LCD's I got all had G530T as one of the compatible models.

So, how do I find a replacement LCD that will work, and not be more expensive than replacing this entirely. I would also like to make this LCD compatibility quirk available to others that might be walking blind into this new form of !&&*.

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