MacBook Pro powers on but does not boot.

Hello all.

A couple days ago I walked into my office and heard my laptop fans running fast. The laptop was hot. I had thought it was asleep. I forced a shutdown using the power button, and after attempting to power it on a couple times, I finally succeeded in getting to the login screen.

Now, however, I cannot get it to boot up. When I press the power button, the fans begin running, but nothing else happens. There is no chime, no sound of the disk drive. Nothing happens on the screen. When I shine a flashlight through the logo on the other side, I see nothing but the glow of the light. Neither does the caps lock key light turn on when I press the key.

I have tried the following things:

-Reset SMC (apparently it did reset because the light on the charger changed color).

-Reset PRAM (not sure if it actually reset).

-Unplugged and plugged the battery back in.

-Took out battery and powered the computer via charger.

-Took out RAM and then powered on (same thing: only the fans turned on, no beeps).

Is it what I think it is? Could it be something else? Is there some other test I could run?

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