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Repair guides and support information for RCA-brand tablets.

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Sdcard reader built in stoped works!

I bought this device one mouth ago, its sdcard reader was functioning well, but stoped work. I did reinstall with Windows 10 home 32bits , configuring all drivers, but it not return work The manager devices has not exclamation, appear all ok.

Model W101SA23T1

Fccid A2HW1013

The others periferals are ok, touch screen, rotation, wifi , usb 2, usb 3,


Thanks, JJ

Update (06/04/2018)

Hi all ,

I have seen many people on the Internet posting the same problem or similar that occurred on the RCA Tablet Cambio 2018 High Premiun, the internal reader of the SD card did not recognize the SANDISK cards. I did reset Windows, I upgraded the drivers and nothing. In the end the solution, were the parameters of the BIOS, which were corrupted, summary I used the option restore defaults, and ready everything OK now!


Jesus Davis

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After you reinstall your Operating System. Did you install the driver that came with the notebook? (Like a CD installation). Sometimes the drivers provided by Microsoft (or came with the installation disk) aren't compatible with the device. Have you checked Device manager and see if you could find the SD Card Reader's name on it? If there is. Your card slot might be the problem or the sd card itself. Have you tried testing the SD Card with other devices? such as a phone or an another PC's card reader.

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Hi fbmt11, TKS by return, I did all steps like you spoke , but I believe be slot sdcard defective. This device with fccid a2hw1013, look pictures internal hardware, and slot is built in Motherboard, more difficult to change! The repair os directly in card, nos I dont know If is less expensive change all Motherboard? Regards.


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