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Repair manuals and information for the Microsoft Surface book line of laptops.

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Surface Book Display is Black everything else works incl. touch screen

Hi there,

The leash of my laptop bag tore plumeting to the ground from about 2 feet of hight a Month ago. Initially there wer no issues. Two weeks later the Display of my Surface Book started flickering on and off. If you pressed the bottom right corner of the screen it would stay on, but as soon as you let go it would go dark again. A week later it went Black and has stayed Black since, in the right light you can See a somewhat darker bIack stripe on the right Hand side of the screen. Sent it in to Microsoft in the hopes, but they won‘t Touch it due to physical damages, one of the usb Ports is dented from the Fall.

If I hook it up to an external monitor, no issues, the Touchscreen reacts normaly and the usb ports work aswell.

I use it like a Desktop at the Moment.

Now to my inquiry,

Do you think that if I „just“ replace the screen, it will work again. The Location of the screen connectors is at the bottom right so I have my hopes. But it would be a shame to spend another 220€ on replacement and have nothing to Show for it.

Thanks for the help beforehand

Kind regards


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Hate to necro an old post, but I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried two different displays and it will only ever display recovery (volume down + power) and shows up flickering. Has anyone managed to get a dead Surface Book to display anything again?

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