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Canon FS30 is a 680,000 pixel camcorder for general filming use and photo taking capabilities, released in January 2010. Model number: FS30

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How do I tighten the joystick

The joystick on my Canon FS30 camcorder is loose and needs to be replaced or tightened. I can't change the date which in return won't allow me to do anything else with the camera. Can someone please help???!!!!

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Hi Winston. Try fiddling with the joystick some more and see if you can get it to register a few button presses so you can get by the date and time menu. Otherwise, you can take the camera apart and try and fix / replace the joystick. Try searching for a canon FS30 service manual or parts diagram online. This should help you with the repair process. The good news is that you should be able to buy parts for your camera through Canon, if the joystick has indeed failed.

Canon Parts Website

Canon has a dedicated repair parts hotline. You could literally call them, ask for a part and they'll let you buy it in the same phone call. They don't give out parts diagrams or service manuals though, but they do help you find the part you need through images and description.

Good luck!

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