Speaker issue after screen replacement

Hello, I have replaced the screen and housing on my LG Nexus 5x which went OK.

However, I now have no audio from the earpiece under certain situations. I have replaced the earpiece and headphone jack to no avail but have narrowed it down to the lower back plate (the bit you screw in over the headphone jack). Sounds through the headphones work correctly BTW.

When the back is pressed on very lightly the speaker works, I believe this is because the pogo pins are meeting the contacts on the plastic covering (I presume these are to check the phone is assembled). However, when you click the plastic on speaker cuts out. My guess is something gets pushed in too far so something either loses contact or makes contact that shouldn't.

Any thoughts / ideas most welcome. I've made a little video to illustrate what I mean: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CU37Fvr...

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