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Repair information for the second iteration of the Aspire S7, the S7-392. This is a premium 13" ultrabook laptop computer made by Acer.

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Why do some keys on my keyboard not work anymore?

some keys such as a, m, 2, the spacebar and alt have failed to work. i dont think ive installed any updates or anything, spilt anything on it or dropped it. i even tried taking out the key and cleaning it. please help, typing with the touchpad is annoying. thank you!!

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It is possible for keyboards to go bad. I know of some models that simply fail because of how the ribbon cable sits. Probably would need to get a replacement keyboard itself. If you can remove it check for a model or part number on the keyboard and search to see the cost of a new. Pay attention to the ribbon cable. Sometimes a couple layers of tape close to the fold can prevent damages.

Good luck!

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