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Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol spill on LCD, white blotch remains?

I recently dumped a decent amount of 91% isopropyl alcohol on my machine and its display by accident. I immediately powered down the machine and allowed to dry for a day and it works normally. I did have some light splotches where the alcohol appeared to get in between the glass and the LCD, and most of that has evaporated. The issue I'm more concerned about is that I have two small, very bright splotches on the LCD and cannot tell if it has really improved over the last few days. Take a look here.

Does anyone know if this will eventually evaporate, or if there is permanent damage. If the latter, what do you think exactly happened?

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so what does it look like now, several months later? I have almost the same pattern, but I don't remember spilling alcohol on my laptop, though, I have cleaned the surfaces with 96% alcohol.

As my bezel is cracked and I am going to replace it, I've decided to disassemble the LCD as well, just to see if I can get rid of these bright spots...


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There was 9% water in that alcohol and it may take some time to evaporate as it's pretty well sealed up. Give a week or two

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