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An over-ear gaming headset released in March 2016. The device is identified by the following numbers, model: TBS-2010-01 and SKU: 5153900.

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I'm thinking about buying the ear cuffs on this headset

Can you buy the ear cuffs separately if you live in Europe

Can you put these ear cuffs on a pair of audio technica m50x-s

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Those earpads are not compatible with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. It looks like they where designed specifically for turtle beach headsets.

However, these earpads are very similar to the ones on that headset:

You will need to visit the amazon website of your country and search for those.

Hope this helps!

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You would most likely have to visit the company website

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He's not looking for replacements for the turtle Beach headphones, he's looking for earpads for his ATs, and the turtle Beach ones won't work.


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