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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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Radiator fan and cooler fan not turned on in my 2004 honda civic car

I am using 2004 honda civic 2004 car, radiator fan and cooler fan not working, ac also not working, i checked fuses those are ok, and fan conditions ok( checked directly from battery , i did short cooling sensor connector pins but no results where is problem how can i get results ? ple help me on this issue

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First point of call is to get your car scanned and see what codes come up if any. Also find the relay for the fans and see if it is faulty. They are mostly all the same and can often be interchanged. Find a non critical one like the Horn or headlight relay and swap it out with the fan relay. If that works it is your relay and then you just buy one that is the same.

With your engine running and you have your interior fan lever/switch on does it blow air on all positions? As sometimes that switch can fail.

Assuming it is working. Interior fan all the way on, AC on. Engine on, in neutral or park handbrake/Ebrake on.

Engine at operating temperature. Where is the temp gauge sitting, in the middle way under or way over the middle position? Lift bonnet/hood then check and see if fans are running, both should be. Do not assume because they aren't that your fans are bad. It could be a temp sensor failure.

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Yes its done, Interior fan all the way on, AC on. Engine on, in neutral or park handbrake/E brake on. Both fans are On /Off a few seconds only. At that time temp gauge shows middle way under. Thanks,

But Ac is not working, relays are swapped, Ac fuse seems good, Ac gas refilled, When refilling gas temp gauge shows needle in blue area, before that below green area. Ac button is on position, blow air in high, but no cool, what can i do ?


Hi @ravi k,

Can you hear (see?) the A/C compressor engage when you operate the A/C button.

Not sure re your vehicle but a lot of car A/C compressors have a clutch which is electrically engaged when you push the button, linking the A/C compressor to the fan belt drive, as normally it freewheels.

If it doesn't engage then (and again not sure) the A/C button is either not operating the relay to operate the clutch or the button is not "telling" the BCM or ECM (again don't know) to operate the relay to operate the compressor clutch or the BCM (ECM?) is not operating the relay or the A/C compressor clutch or clutch circuit is faulty.

If it does engage and then releases it may be then that the sensor in the compressor tells the BCM (ECM?) that the compressor is not working properly (for whatever reason) and it will be disengaged by the BCM (ECM?)


So what was the final answer? I am having the same trouble, no voltage to either fans. Swapped relays, checked fuses, jumped switch etc, no luck.


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Your best bet would be to replace the fans. The motor may be out. Be sure to check your coolant as well to avoid excessive overheating.

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