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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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A1278 What is the black sticky pad under the RAM slots for?

As of late, my macbook pro 13" 2012 has been smelling really weird after a few minutes of use, several people have described it as chemical, "glue", or burning but I honestly think it smells like B.O.

I disassembled all the machine for a thorough cleaning and couldn't find anything overtly smelly, but I finally narrowed it down to the black adhesive pad under the RAM slots I think It's some sort of thermal pad but I'm not sure. Is it indeed a thermal pad, or just a spacer ??? Would there be any downside to removing it?? The smell is embarassing enough and this is my work computer!!.. :|

If i have to replace it, does does any one know what is the name of the part and where i could get a new one to replace the smelly one? I've searched ebay for a long time and i can't seem to find it but then again I don't know what to search for.

I took a picture and circled the "sticker" i'm talking about but since I can't attach the picture to this post I'm putting an imgur link

Block Image

appreciate the help! thanks!

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I'm thinking you had something spill into the keyboard at sometime like milk or ice cream, which has gone sour. This pad is porous, so it's likely it picked up the milk and when the RAM heats up gives off the smell.

The pad cushions the memory fixture so you will need to replace it with something of the same thickness. The best I can recommend is getting some thermal pad material like: 100mmx100mmx0.5mm Conductive Silicone Thermal Pad. Do you care in lifting it out and cut the replacement to the same shape.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I 'm sure it's not because of debris or spilled liquids since I keep the computer compulsively clean. I removed the pad and the smell is definitely coming from it. I think it just started to degrade because of old age. it's really mushy and it disintegrated almost immediately after handling it.

That thermal pad you linked looks like a good option but it might be too thick, i've ordered one to see if it might work.


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