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HX9360 can't turn on

I measure the battery about 3.8V.(F1 /R6 point).So I think the battery is fine.

But I push the button can't turn on it.But put into the cup can charge the battery.

So how do I to check the board or more action?


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I have probably a similar issue. Who can find and change a battery here?


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swat1230 your voltage maybe fine but it is not a good indication of your battery being okay. It is possible that your battery simply does not hold enough charge to supply the demand. I'd start with a new battery first, then re-evaluate. Check your switch circuitry etc. with your multimeter.

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I'm having the same problem. Have you fixed it?


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I have also checked the switch circuitry, which is fine. Additionally I have also connected an external power supply with 3.8V. Unfortunately it didn't helped.


I have exactly the same issues, battery power is still good. Have so. fixed the problem yet?


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