Google's 2nd-generation Pixel XL sports a 6-inch P-OLED display with rounded corners. Available in 64 and 128 GB storage configurations, and in two colors: Just Black and Black & White. Released October 19, 2017.

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How to rewaterproof a phone?

Gretings lads...

After my phone fell down a swimming pool of 8 ft deep, i was sure that its quite rosted , lucky me thoug, i manged to save the phone.

I have replaced the front camera (water damaged) and keeping the screen attached with some of the remaining old adhesive.

Sorry for the long description.. :|

My question is which type of tape/adhesive are used to waterproof the phone (any phone to that matter) ?

Thanks in advance...

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It's near impossible to get the seal, as I've done some real digging in the past 10 minutes and haven't been able to locate any. Even if you do get some and install them successfully, I would not trust seals I applied myself. It's only water resistant because sometimes even factory seals can't be trusted. Good luck.

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