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iPhone 7 plus boot loop after repair

Hey there,

A couple months back I dropped my iPhone 7 plus and smashed the screen, once it was smashed the rear camera and the home button stopped working altogether.

I ordered a new screen and fitted it, since then the phone has been stuck in a boot loop. I'm assuming this is due to the home button or camera and hopefully not anything else, if I restore the iPhone via iTunes it will work until it gets powered off and then will boot loop again unless I reformat it again, I've spent a bit of time researching but can't really find anything in regards to this sort of issue

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The iPhone 7 series of devices suffers from issues with the Baseband IC, Audio IC and weak traces on the pcb which crack and break. The weak traces are a similar design flaw to the iPhone 6 Plus, known as Touch Disease. On the iPhone 7 series, the weak traces are underneath the Audio IC.

In many cases an internal short within the Baseband IC causes the boot looping, which unfortunately, is not repairable because the Baseband is code locked to the logic board. It can also be caused by a broken trace underneath the Audio IC. Replacing the Audio IC and strengthening the weak trace with a micro-jumper can repair this. This type of failure requires a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

Because your problem occurred after a heavy drop, it is very possible that this is the issue.

If you are curious about the technical nature of these failures, you can listen to this video from Jessa and this one from Jason at STS, they go into a lot of detail regarding this issue. It could be BB or Audio but the info in the video should help you figure out which one.

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Hmmm, so bin job? haha


Why so quick to the bin...this is an iPhone 7 Plus which has tons of value? It's worth trying to have it repaired and worst case, lot's of people would buy it for parts so no need to fill the e-waste landfill any more than it needs too.


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