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Windows 10 Home based laptop computer

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Wanting to install more ram in my HP 15-BS008CA

I have looked on here for a guide but no luck Windows 10 tells me there is another ram slot available so I would like to install another 4 GB of Ram into the computer although when I looked in the computer I only see 1 slot and I am not sure about if it is on the other side or not of the computer for the additional ram slot. I have checked the internet for any take apart guides but no luck. What I would like to do is turn this computer into a light weight video editing machine until I can afford something more expensive by making it 8 GB ram instead of 4 GB.

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Here is a link to HP's repair manual for this device:

As you read it note that it covers many different laptops with similar configurations, and talks about consumer upgradable and consumer non-upgradeable memory modules.

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Hi Eliot I've looking for somebody to help here at the IFIXIT then I saw your post about upgrade your LapTop , so I tell you the answer that you recieved from Jan is the best answer to your question , because the oficial Manual is the best source to teach you how to do that … Bye

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