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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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I am getting F09 error code

while in the rinse cycle I am getting an F09 error code. What is it?

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There was a penny inside my water pump. Follow the instructions on how to check the inside of your water pump and you will likely find the problem.


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The F09 error is a water pump problem, either clogged pump, or pump malfunctioning, Check for something clogging the water pump. To do that, open the lower access panel by unscrewing the 3 torx screws at the very bottom of that panel, then you will see the plastic water pump in the middle front, just unscrew the handle, get a few dry towels as some water will come out.

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You may want to unplug it first before you begin.


Thank you very much. I pulled a wad of gunk out of the pump housing.


Glad I could save you a service call ;-)


Thank you so very much! You have helped us to help ourselves and saved us the needed money. Thank you so much . :)


Thank you! That was exactly the issue we came across last night. The directions were perfect, found one of my daughters hair ties, a rather broken up Lego brick and some hard water calcified build up (we had installed a water softener some years ago, so this may be some "historical" break up). Ran a load today and no code, no issues.


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hi i have f9 display always when i start machen can you help with this

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We have also been getting the F09 code but only on Delicate cycle, not on Normal cycle... It does it 5 minutes before the end of the cycle and will only move forward if we turn it off and then back on. It then runs the remaining 5 minutes.

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I too keep getting this code in the exact same manner you describe. Did you ever find out why? (we just had Sears repair out yesterday and replaced the pump)


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