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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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How to collapse piston in rear caliper on 1992 civic

i am trying to push the piston in the caliper in with a c clamp to change the pads. it will not budge. should it push in or am i missing something. both sides are the same. i removed the resevoir lid and even opened the bleeder screw to no results. thanks for any help.

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It takes a special tool. The piston needs to twist in. You should be able to barrow the tool from AutoZone for a deposet or you can buy 1. From this video I see you can also use a chissel like a screw driver to screw it back in.

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thank you so much. i kept looking at the slots in the piston thinking i was probably supposed to turn it. round 2 coming up.


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a automotive file works GREAT you can get them anywhere for like $1.00

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