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What metal is a MacBook heat sink made of?

I have an early 2008 MacBook that I'm thinking of replacing the thermal paste with liquid metal. I know that it oxidizes aluminum, but I can't find what metal the heat sink is. I just want to make sure I don't damage my laptop.

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Use hi grade normal thermal paste!


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I've now needed to replace two logic boards from liquid metal TIM damage!

While the heatsink plate is nickel with a copper heat tube the risk is the fact this stuff travels! Unlike normal TIM overtime the liquid metal will creep out and find its way to the CPU/GPU base board shorting things out. The space is so tight in a laptop I just don't recommend it. The amount of improvement is not enough given the risks.

Also keep in mind this is a Core 2 Duo based system so it's just not able to run heavy apps or games we have today. At the time this baby was introduced running a video off of the optical drive was pushing it!

I would recommend you stick with ArcticSilver 5 TIM and make sure you full clean the clips & heatsink before applying it. Don't forget to dust out the system, fan & heatsink fins as that will have more of an impact.

And lastly, look at maxing out the RAM and maybe even upgrading to a SSD if you really want to gain performance and lower the heat.

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I've heard that conformal coating can protect the CPU/GPU if the liquid metal leaks out. Would that work?


When you add coatings you can impede the effectiveness of the chips cooling as the base also needs to radiate the heat is has.

I still think you're trying to push an older laptop beyond what it was designed to handle.

Use this system for simple word processing and web surfing. Not heavy game play, and don't try computing the billionth place of Pi either ;-}


Okay. Thanks for the info!


Im sure it can be done, if they thermal liquid metal is placed on carefully surrounding areas are protected by conformal coating. Its just risky if you aren't really anal


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