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Idles to low after repairs

I recently made repairs to my 91 Camry 4 cyl including replacement of plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor. It ran awesome for a couple hrs but is now idling to low and stops if I do not have the gas slightly pushed. How can I set the idle higher?

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Did you by chance, twist the distributor ? The slightest tweek in spark timing would cause idle-speed to change.

Also check for a vacuum tubing not connected.

That being all OK, Remove the plastic air-intake to where you can see the throttle mechanism move when your helper steps on the gas. That thing has a easy-to-find-stop-screw for setting idle-speed. Turn it clockwise to idle faster. Stand to the side, have helper hold the brakes, put it in drive, and see how it idles.

Thats it - clean all the air intake parts while you have them off.

I had the big 6cyl toyota.

It had six pieces of plastic plumbing under the hood !


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Just letting all know that I fixed this problem then moved on to yet another. Thanks for the help!!!

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What did you do to fix the problem, please post so others can share.


After replacing the plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotor I found that the car was idling so low I had to keep my feet on gas and brake to keep it from dying. I realized the air intake hose at the carb. was not staying tight and that the hose was actually cracked. I went to Auto Zone and bought a coupling/clamp combo, thus idle was almost perfect. I paid like $9.00 for the part and worked like a champ!!!


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