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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Handset will only ring once and that's all

Handset will only ring once and then it goes blank answering machine won't even pick up

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my vtech phone only ring once when some call and that’s it.



What is the model number of the phone? (look under the base station for the information label)

Have you tried the Chosen Solution below, you didn't say?


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Hi @kickemnkillem45 ,

Can you make an outgoing call OK?

Does the line sound noisy or has it a background hum on an o/g call? (Try just dialing one digit - to break the dial tone signal - and then listen. A good line sounds clear i.e no noise to be heard)

If it sounds noisy, try disconnecting the phone's base station from the telephone line (make sure that there is nothing else connected to the phone line at the premises, such as a modem etc) and then call your number from another phone.

Do you get a ringtone signal in the phone that you are calling from that continues OK for more than 20 seconds or does it stop after 1 or 2 seconds?

If it stops nearly straight away then you have a line fault. Contact your phone service provider.

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Cell phone provider or home phone??



The original question was about a cordless landline telephone that is usually connected either to a telephone cable back to the landline phone service provider or to a modem in the premises, connected to an internet service provider for a VOIP telephone service.

I suppose a cell phone provider could also provide landline phone services though.


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