Is there a simple fix for Asaklitt WC-043 pace counter display?

I've been using Asaklitt WC-043 34.8544 pace counter for a few years. After changing batteries for the third time, the LCD-display is now displaying all digits at once, which makes the device unusable. Otherwise the device is working: if I press "Set" and "Mode" together, I can see that some digits lighten and it begins to ask for hours display mode. But it's not designed to be configured with those two buttons held together, and even if I could configure the device properly, it would be too difficult or impossible to use like that.

What is keeping all the digits displaying at once? Is there a way to reset the device back to display only those digits that actually needs to be displayed?

I opened the device and moved the battery cover a few times back and forth. Correct digits were displayed for a split second right before contacts lost their hold on batteries. I checked if there were unnecessary contacts between parts or dirt, but found nothing.


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