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First available August 2014, identified by model number RCT6103W46.

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optional keyboard to tablet cable

Is there an optional cable to allow the keyboard to be operated while not docked to the tablet?

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Yes! Micro USB B to USB A cable from bestbuy Amazingly you can control android with a keyboard and mouse.

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Thank's Aiden, but what I am in search of is a cable that would attach the tablet to the keyboard through the existing docking port. The keyboard has no other usb or other means of connecting to. Thank you for your input.


Oh. I see. hold on.


No, not really, the RCA tablet has a magnetic docking port . The key board does not have Bluetooth connection capability. What i am searching for is a cable to run from the docking port to the tablet it's self. I could buy an after market Bluetooth keyboard but my experience with them in the past that the connection is unstable and there normally isnt a mouse pad.


ah I see. thats tough to find. I'll take another look.


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