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looking for microsoldering mail in repair service for iPod 5th gen

I'm looking for a mail in repair service to fix my broken iPod 5th gen. Screen lights up but stays black. I've tried and checked everything. It also needs new screws because my friend dropped em when working on it :( And it needs a new home button. And of course a new something that causes the screen not to work (the screen is in pretty bad condition, feel free to put in a new one)

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Look locally for a reputable shop that does micro-soldering repairs. Ideally, you want to find someone local but good workmanship trumps locality. There are many shops worldwide that do this so you shouldn't have any problems finding them.

If you can't find one locally, then consider mail-in repair. There are several reputable micro-solderers patrolling this forum. You can also click on my profile to learn more about my services, at the very least, it can serve as a data point.

You should consider that the amount of repairs you are looking at may outweigh/outcost the value of the iPod Touch you own.

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