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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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Motion drive belt smelled burned

Motion drive belt smelling burning and broke. Had been driving great. What is problem?

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what did it smell like? did it smell like burning rubber? how long have you had the lawnmower?


Yes smelled burning rubber


is the lawnmower old? also, what is you specific model?


98murray 3054699a


you sure thats the model number? I cannot find anything for that

Murray has a page on how to find the number.


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If you belt is burned and broke. You have a bad bearing or pulley and will need to get under there and check the parts and then remove and replace parts. If it was rubbing on another part again something is wrong. We can't see what's wrong

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Which pulley..The drive pulley...The tensioner pulley??


Again your not understanding that we can't see your tractor. So without putting hands on it and turning the pulley and hearing it or wiggle the pulley we can't and won't tell you what is wrong. I stated you need to get under there and move them wiggle them and if they don't turn that may be the issue or issues. Coming from the bottom of the engine will be a drive pulley. After that you may have 3 or 10 pulleys to look at. Every manufactor is different and then models from year to year can be changing when they make them better or at least try. So may suggestion is to remove the mowing deck and then you will be able to inspect and replace parts is my guess how to get at most of the parts. Some where inside the frame which means you would have to remove panels and covers to get to stuff.


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