Car won't start. Lights, radio works but wont start.

Always starts when it is cold, but once it warms up and I try to start it, the lights and radio come on but will not crank over. Makes a short buzzing sound. It's not the battery could it be the starter or the ignition?

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@merri does it crank over or just makes a buzzing sound? It only happens when hot? Have you isolated where the buzzing sound comes from? What engine and what type of transmission does your Honda have? While you try and start do your lights go dim or does the radio turn off?


That sounds like a classic case of crank angle sensor. They work great when cold, and allow your car to start, and as soon as it gets warm. The engine will cut out and not start. They fail due to repeated hot and cold cycles. If it starts cold and not hot. Always check CAS.


Does it make a clicking noise when trying to start?


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