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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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My Acer Aspire 35-571 Laptop Does Not Work Well With My Wifi

My Acer Laptop from the very beginning was not working well with my Wifi, I use wireless and often times it just completely disconnects or show that there was no Wifi at all with the name I'm going by, an when I'm searching on a browser (chrome) it just shows the "no connection" page when the Wifi symbol is completely filled up. I do have McAfee on my browser is that one of the problems? And often the ipv4 just goes off as well, then I have to completely restart the Connection settings, but I still get the same results.

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Have you tried starting the laptop in safe mode with networking to see if the WiFi connections works OK?

if it does then a 3rd party program or driver is the problem

(The option is available in earlier versions of Windows if you don't have Win 10 installed)


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If you have already upgraded the drivers then its probably a wifi card problem. Here is another fourm answer that seemed to work for the person asking:

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Unfortunately I have the same results, I appreciate your time and your answer and thank you for the suggestion.


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