Broken Microphone - Loses Resistance and Mute Capabilities

A guide on how to repair the microphone would be awesome if it's possible. This is literally the only issue I'm having with this headset and it will only continue to happen as a replace them. The mic lost resistance and would not stay in place. Then a few months later the mic is unable to be muted and it will do 360s instead of the 90 degree movement it was supposed to keep. Astro wants me to send it in, or I could just swap it at Best Buy, but I would love to know what is causing this issue and maybe it will encourage Astro to apply a fix to the issue. Apparently it was an issue with their Gen1 and Gen2 (without Base Stations), but I obviously have this issue along with friends of mine that have the same headset in the Gen3 model that Astro claims the problem doesn't exist anymore. This is specifically for the Gen3 model with the Base Station. Astro A50.

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