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Won't play my play list,

Zune 120 Gb wont play my play list But will play the radio, It tells me that my play list cant be found or item is missing. It show me my list, Can you help me PLEASE???

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Hi @billwebber56 ,

Connect the Zune to a computer and if it connects OK locate all your content and copy it to the computer. Remember where it was stored (which Folders) in the player.

Here is a link that shows how to reset/restore your player.

Since you have hopefully "saved" all your music etc. you should be able to try the various options to restore the functions of the player.

Once it has been restored you can reload your 'saved' content back onto the player (back in the same folders) as your content may have been erased depending on what you had to do to restore the player.

You may have to create a new playlist though.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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