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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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JBL is not turning on

When I try to turn it on with the buttons, there is no lights and it simply doesn't turn on.

When I charge it, I can see that its fully charged with the green bars.

There's no damage to it that I can see

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Need help please can anyone tell me:- I have ordered JBL Xtreme from myntra and when I receive that after unboxing I was unable to start and after I tried to plug charger it still not showing any lights or sign it is on can anyone tell me what the issue I have got or how can I fix that please

If any secret button to turn on


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Are the charge indicators illuminated when the USB charge plug is removed?

Can you turn off blue tooth?

Will the unit work if aux input is used?

DO the contacts in the USB port wobble around if touhed?

I hope its one of the above although to replace a USB port is going to cost more than a new one!

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Charge indicators are illuminated when the USB charge plug is removed I'm pretty sure (green dots right?)

I can't turn off the bluetooth bc it doesnt turn on in the first place :// (When I try turning it on, none of the lights show on the buttons in the middle)

Don't have an AUX cord so don't know if it will work if AUX input is used.

What's the contacts in the USB port?


More often than not the USB port is the culprit. In this case it's a surface mount device. If the conductors "wriggle" they have probably come unsoldered from the pcb. I suggest unless it's an obvious fault bin it. It's quite a complex piece of gear and dismantling is a pain in the backside. Good luck.


Is there any where I can go and get it repaired then? (How much does it cost for the USB port to be repaired)


Sorry I didn't answer sooner Arnold. Unless it is a warranty repair it is complex to dismantle. JBL have service divisions all over the planet. Just Google JBL consumer electronics for the closest repair facility. Good luck.


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