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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP/SM-J100H.

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Stuck in Bootloop, Stock ROM.

Never rooted, completely stock ROM, I have important contacts I need to retrieve which are stored on the phone, It just gets stuck on the Samsung logo animation and never past that. I don't want to do a hard reset since it will wipe the phones storage that also has the contacts on it, any solutions?

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Go into Recovery and format only the Cache partition to see if you can get back into your phone.

Alternatively, get a clean Android phone from someone to borrow, and log into it. See if Google automatically backed up your contacts.

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Yeah but I never backed it up to Google, just realised my stupidity.

I noticed that the Google accounts manager app wasn't launching and I had that error as well... I'll try to do that


Well, how about your Samsung account? Samsung Cloud backs up the phone too.


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