GPS signal completely gone

Went from intermittent to completely no GPS signal. I have one of the gps signal apps and its not picking up a single satellite. Ran through all troubleshoots, and I'm convinced it's a hardware issue.

Is the GPS receiver on the motherboard or on the antenna board?

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What is settings --> Connections --> Locations set at?

The Nexus and all Android devices have a "High Accuracy" mode that uses Wi-Fi, and not just the GPS chip to pinpoint location.


Well yes when I use high accuracy mode it grabs the location via the wifi, but still has no satellites in sight, therefore its only using the wifi location. I need to use this without a wifi connection and picks up not one satellite even outside clear skies like it used to.


Try booting into Recovery mode, and format only the cache partition.

This will temporarily slow down the nexus 9 the next time it reboots as it rebuilds all caches.


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