Parasitic battery draw help

I drive a 2010 ford escape limited 3.0l v6. The car was fine until my battery kept dying, and I've now had to replace 3 batteries since November. The strange this is that when I go to do a parasitic draw the draw was about 320 mAh which is obviously way to high, but then without open or closing doors or touching any fuses the draw jumped up to 950 mAh. After 5 minutes the draw came back to 250 mAh. However, the draw jumped back again to 840 mAh this time, and after 5 minutes returned to 130 mAh. After this I unplugged the number 5 fuse (keypad illumination, break shift interlock (BSI), passenger compartment fuse panel). Unplugging this reduced the draw to 44 mAh. So my question is what should I be looking for in this number 5 fuse circuit a faulty relay perhaps? As well if anyone knows why the car suddenly increased the draw by over 600 mAh without touching anything.

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