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Are we obliged to change the polarizer film when refurbishing a lcd

When I searched online to see how to refurbish LCD displays, a lot of the videos are showing how to remove the polariser and how to add a new one. but some other one don't change the polariser, instead, they just clean it and place the LCD in a mould and add LOCA glue and place the new glass screen on top and put the UV light on top.

So my question is, can we save money by just cleaning the old polariser ?

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There are a few factors that affect the refurb process. Professional Refurb companies will almost always change the polarizer because it needs to be perfect and scratch free in order to re-sell. It gets scratches during the glass removal process, and these leave imperfections in the final product. If you are refurbishing just for personal use, you may get away with not changing the polarizer. However if you're using LOCA glue and not OCA, you'll likely need to change the backlight as well..

Just my opinion but refurbishing iphone LCD just isn't worth the headache when refurb prices and the cost of the LCD's have gotten so low.

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