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The first Android smartphone from Google, the Pixel XL (Model Number: G-2PW2100) was launched October 20, 2016. It has a 5.5-inch AMOLED display, 3450 mAh battery, and 32 or 128 GB storage options.

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Where I can find motherboard of Pixel XL?

I got my Pixel XL wet and after tearing down, its motherboard need to change. Can anyone give me any suggestion where i can find new motherboard?

(if anyone experienced this, is it worth to buy?)


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I have the exact same situation, did you find the motherboard?


I am in the exact same situation. Did you end up buying on e-bay?

Did you try some other used Pixel XL’s motherboard?


Hi, i did not try because there is a risk of other parts that need to replace also + price of motherboard alone is 1/4 of new one.


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Keep an eye on Ebay or the "boneyard" section on, as those are the most likely places where they will show up.

However, be aware that there is a high possibility that the motherboard would be locked with a GMAIL FRP.

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Thank you a lot!


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