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The OptiPlex 755 is an energy-efficient desktop computer designed for businesses. It was released in mid 2007.

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lots of water damage!

My little brother found a PC outside and it is POURING out

I need to do mass water damage removal. any ideas?

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Hi Aiden,

I would recommend that you two go through and dry it out as best as possible, and to let it sit for awhile to dry out before even attempting to power it on. Since it's still wet, try removing every component and patting them down with paper towels, and then set them out to dry. You may not get every component to work, but letting them dry out and reassembling the PC is your best bet. I've found desktops that sat out in the rain for a few years that powered on with little issues once they dried out. Good luck!

- Jasen

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We've took it all apart! Dabbed it down, and blow dried it. what do you think about the PSU though? I have some older spares. also, the CPU does not have the pins on it. the pins are on the motherboard. Soon, we'll reapply thermal paste. thanks!


I'd say use a fresh power supply once all the parts dry out just to be safe, and then test the water damaged power supply outside of the case using the paperclip method. Just be mindful of working with electricity. A blowdryer should work, but let all the parts sit for awhile before attempting it. PCBs will hold onto moisture for a little while. Is this computer a newer machine, or just something you're trying to get working because it's a project?


It's old. Although, Why not try to get it working? free PC!


Exactly, why not? I have a bunch of computer stuff laying around that I got from the dump that I fixed for free. Post back here and let me know how it goes! I wish you luck!


Thanks for the help!


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